Emerging Young Artist Program

Emerging Young Artist

Emerging Young Artist Program

 Emerging Young Artist Program  is our professional El Ritmo production children’s group  aimed at 8-14 years old who are wanting to further develop their artistic talents in areas of dance, singing and film production. Children to be able to participate in this program must attend an audition and if accepted into the course they must commit to 11 weeks worth of training towards a paid opportunity in participating inside El Ritmo live showcase and music clips.

The program is designed for children who would like  to be part of our professional team while having the opportunity to gain a paid production experience performing live. The program is specifically designed for children who are wanting to work in the performing arts industry and committed towards wanting to make new friends, work as a team, grow in creativity and learn a different culture, including having a go at singing in Spanish.

This course is not available in 2023.
 8-14 Years
Term: 10 Weeks
Class duration: 1 hour/week

Cost: $19 per class.
Full fee: $190.00 (additional costs may apply)

What are the benefits?

  • Gain confidence to work with professionals in the art industry.
  • Get seen in the industry by professionals. 
  • Gain new skills to perform, dance and sing.

What kids receive at the end of the program?

  • Be part of a professional children’s production group.
  • Gain 11 weeks worth of professional singing & dancing training.
  • An opportunity to work with mentors in the industry.
  • Weekly practising exercises and learning worksheets.
  • Gain a paid experience performing live.


El Ritmo holds one audition per year and invites young artists who would like to gain the skills and knowledge inside El Ritmo Productions group.


New dates to be announce in 2024!

Please complete the form below to secure your spot!

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Meet The Mentors

Valeria Alonso

Valeria Alonso

Creative Director / Choreographer

Born in Argentina, Valeria began her dancing career at the age of 6. Her passion is dancing, performing and singing. She has over 15 years experience in working with children in helping them to succeed in the arts. Her knowledge, charisma and energy as a mentor for many children has allowed them to grow, succeed and further develop their artistic talents. She encourages any child who would like to participate in this program to apply and have a go. She looks forward to meeting children who are passionate in the arts and wanting to gain new skills and the correct guidance to become artist of their own dreams. 

Beatriz Vergara

Beatriz Vergara

Vocal Coach

Born in Chile, Beatriz comes from an artistic  and passionate music family. During her childhood she began taking ballet, piano and violin lessons. Continuing her passion in the arts, she began taking lessons of oboe in conservatory of music in the University of Chile and has been a member of choir since age 13. In addition, she was a member of DEMUS UMCE Choir, which her father conducts. She was a member and an assistant choir conductor in the Alfredo Berndt Choir and the DEMUS UMCE choir. Her passion in music and singing continues to shine in making a positive impact for kids and younger generations. 

Juan Muñoz

Juan Muñoz

Musician / Composer

Born in Colombia, Juan began his music career at the age of 16. His natural music talent and his passion in music learnt from simply watching and practicing guitar by himself land an opportunity to travel to Asia in places like China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Since 2012 Juan Munoz has been living in Adelaide S.A and continuing his music career performing in venues all around Australia, and commencing his music production company,  Ormeega Productions. His passion in helping children to grow in music it’s felt in every beat, melody and tune inside El Ritmo songs he composes. He encourages children to be part of this exciting jouney. 

Frequently asked questions

What kind of music does El Ritmo produce?

El Ritmo records it’s original songs that are kid-friendly and for the whole family.

How many songs does El Ritmo release each year?

El Ritmo releases two songs a year, or according to how many programs are run each year. 

Who sings El Ritmo songs?

Miss Val and students who are enrolled and completed the program.

How does El Ritmo cast the group?

El Ritmo holds one audition per year to find a new group of talented young emerging artists who would like to be part of the El Ritmo Productions group. 

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Why choose El Ritmo?

Well Established

Over 15 years of experience in teaching dancing, singing and producing children's Spanish content in a safe and friendly environment.

Wide Range of Classes

For 3 - 14 years - Choose from Dance, Sing, Act and Music classes to discover and make new friends!

Skill Development

Develop successful life skills to build confidence, communication and teamwork in a fun and inspiring way.


Providing a range of Latin Children's Production programs in the art industry.