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Based in Adelaide, South Australia, fees and travel expenses will vary depending on location and whether Valeria is presenting as keynote, facilitating a class or workshop. Generally all of this information is covered in a brief proposal including any travel and accommodation expenses and of course online options are available too.

Valeria will discuss your objectives with you including the target audience and topic, AV requirements and practical things like venue, timing and travel if required. A bio and photo are available for publication on your website and in your promotional materials as well as links to social media channels.

If you would like to record the session then please let us know and generally Valeria’s presentation can be shared after the event. Most of the time a lapel mic and remote clicker if preferred where there is a slide deck being used for face to face events.

Travel & Accommodation

Usually Valeria flies interstate out of Adelaide, South Australia but this depends on her schedule and commitments leading up to your event. You as the client can make the bookings based upon preferred flights and where Valeria may already be in your location or have another booking nearby, then often the costs can be split. Generally the preference is to fly in the night before an event.


An invoice will be sent to you including any reimbursements for payment within 7 days after the event unless you request it earlier.  Reimbursements may include flights, accommodation with meals, Ubers, taxi’s and/or car hire and petrol where relevant.  Thank you.


With over 15 years of teaching, educating, speaking and presenting experience, pick and choose the topics and experiences that you are interested in and build a remarkable conference program for your audience.

Speaking on topics across:

Spanish Language, Culture Learning

  • How to deliver an intercultural experience for your language class.
  • How to engage students and improve their language skills. 
  • Creating digital content with language learning. 
  • The power of being bilingual in this digital context. 
  • Creative language and hands-on programs increase and foster wellbeing.
  • Spanish Teachers & language inside film in education. 
  • Supporting mental health and wellbeing with culture strategies.
  • Mindfulness through dance.
  • Teacher capacity to deliver authentic Spanish language programs across the curriculum.
  • The importance of digital language resources in a pandemic.
  • Developing authentic learning tasks using integrated language learning and culture education tools. 
  • Empowering creativity, dance and culture learning.
  • Developing and making Latin Culture come alive in your School or Classroom.
  • Making learning Spanish engaging. 
  • Action! Creating Video Content for Language Learning. 
  • Improving classroom engagement through culture learning. 
  • Your one toolkit on culture learning. 
  • Why music matters in language education. 

& Entrepreneurship.

  • How to develop a successful Film Production. 
  • How to Present on Camera, Youtube and TV like a Professional plus.
  • How to Build Your Personal Brand and Be the “Go-to’ Person.
  • How to run a successful performance & music clip production. 
  • How to write, compose and register your song for children.
  • Where to start? Time to set up your online business.

Choreography Services

Musicals | Music Videos | Theatre Productions | Special Events In-School Productions

Valeria loves creating movement as much as teaching it!  If you are looking for a reliable, passionate and trusted choreographer Valeria is the right person who can help. She also offers private lessons for rehearsing Latin technique work or already choreographed dances. 

Book Valeria for your next dance production.

Choreography Service package includes:

– Initial consultation to determine your vision for the dance.
– Choreography of a dance to your choice of music.
– A recording of the progress and finished dance for your own rehearsals.
– Development of a costume design for the item.

Cost (lessons are 45 minutes)

$360 for 6 lessons

Private Lesson

$80 per hour

Connect with Valeria Alonso

For testimonials and speaker requests please visit the Speaker section and if you would like to explore a potential topic for a keynote, conference, event, forum, or professional development activity, please contact Val on +61 400 972 348 or