El Ritmo Productions

Who we are?

El Ritmo Productions, was established in 2017 to connect kids with the Latin culture, dance, language and music. Under a new name, “El Ritmo Productions”, it continues to deliver programs to help connect children with the Latin culture and emerging young children’s who have a passion to develop further their artistic talents as an Artist. As an Adelaide dance school for kids our mission is to inspire children to embrace and connect with the Latin culture and to help break through the disengagement of learning a new language. 

El Ritmo Productions means students have the opportunity to be able to build their artistic profile, show their talent to a much bigger audience and feel a sense of recognition within the arts. The opportunities inside El Ritmo production brings to children a sense of belonging, acceptance and shaping our students to who they are and who they can become.  The production is built on passion and commitment to see your child succeed in life. Through programs, events, online videos and songs aimed at building children’s self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

Children have the opportunity of making new friends, working as a team and being able to grow in a creative and safe environment. The environment is inclusive, engaging, fun, joyful, friendly and safe allowing them to grow and build life skills. Children experience a lack of learning pathways, participation and opportunities to build understanding of linguistic learning and cultural diversity, however, El Ritmo Programs are innovating way as we provide authentic intercultural learning experiences when learning a language.

El Ritmo continues to motivate the desire in children to learn Spanish language and culture by providing a motivational and meaningful experience to a child, parent or educator, addressing the needs of the learner, keeping curiosity and keeping culture alive in the community. 

Learn to dance with El Ritmo Productions! Whether you are looking for Children Latin Dance classes or wanting your child to overcome feelings of anxiety, shyness or fear, a supportive environment is what they’ll experience through the magic world of El Ritmo – let’s get excited as we begin the journey together!

Our Values

Provide a fun & safe environment to our students.

Helping students feel confident, valued and cared.

Delivering high quality & engaging Latin programs to children, educators & families.

Being an inspiration to children, educators and families.

Empowering diversity and inclusion.

Building bridges between inclusion and culture acceptance.

El Ritmo Productions Programs

Little Artist Program

(Age 3 - 6 Years) 

Kids Artist Program

(Age 7 - 12 Years) 

In School Programs

In-School Program


Learn more about us

If you would like to explore a potential topic for a keynote, conference, event, forum, or teacher professional development activity, please contact please contact Val on +61 400 972 348 or info@elritmo.com.au