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Fun and Engaging Latin Dance classes for kids.
Want to teach your students or kids how to dance Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Tango or Samba? 

Full online Latin dance courses for just $49.99 per month.

Perfect foundation for your kids’ or students; includes warm up,
full dance tutorials, cool down, activity packs and easy-to-follow segments.

“Who is this virtual studio for?


“Dancing with Miss Val” is a virtual dance program designed for children aged 3 to 14 years old that want to learn how to move to Latin dances like Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Tango, Samba. Students learn directly from Miss Val providing engaging class videos to kids where parents or caregivers can observe and apply specific tools to teach children, step-by-step dance tutorials.

Course videos are taught in easy-to-learn segments and include warm-ups & cool down, simple choreography, Spanish vocabulary and phrases, practices with authentic music and culture activities to learn from.

This program is perfect for: children who want to learn to dance, children at school or in homeschooling, children in rural towns or families who are interested to be part of the El Ritmo community for a safe, socially distanced activity!

Meet Your Instructor

Conoce A Tu Maestra

Meet Valeria Alonso who is the Founder & Managing Director of El Ritmo Productions and Dancing with Miss Val. An Educator, Dance Teacher, Choreographer,Entrepreneur, Singer & Songwriter, TV Producer & Speaker.

Born in Argentina, Valeria began her dancing career at the age of 6. Her passion is dancing, performing and singing. She has over 15 years experience in working with children in helping them to succeed in the arts. Her knowledge, charisma and energy as a mentor for many children has allowed them to grow, succeed and further develop their artistic talents. She encourages any child who would like to participate in this program to apply and have a go. She looks forward to meeting children who are passionate in the arts and wanting to gain new skills and the correct guidance to become artists of their own dreams.

WHY CHOOSE   Dancing with Miss Val

Take a class

Inviting children to discover the fun of dancing Latin styles while learning the Spanish language and the Latin Culture.

Make those moves

Helping children to learn new moves with fun choreographies and allowing them to explore their own bodies, imagination, and creativity in an interactive way.

Feel your soul

Empowering children self confidence, resilience and ability to connect with their bodies through music and dance. 

Find your Ritmo!

Dancing is about having a go and through Dancing with Miss Val  connect children in overcoming their fear of trying new things. 

Dancing with Miss Val online program will Help You:

  • Learn fundamental movements for popular dance genres like Salsa, Merengue, Tango, Cumbia and Samba!
  • Receive high-quality dancing lessons that are easy to follow and super engaging.
  • Work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, school, educational site or institution.
  • Sing and dance along with each lesson, learning about Latin music and cultures from around the world.
  • Dance on your own schedule.
  • Videos you can stream right from your phone, laptop or TV!

The Virtual Studio’s Dance Styles


Cumbia >


Merengue >


Salsa >


Samba >


Tango >

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